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HERBS - $5.60

Anise Hyssop
Balm, Lemon
Basil, African Blue
Basil, Cinnamon
Basil, Holy
Basil, Greek Columnar
Basil, Lemon
Basil, Thai
Chamomile, Roman
Coriander, Vietnamese (Cilantro Substitute)
Lavender, Grosso
Lavender, Hidcote
Lavender, Fern Leaf
Lavender, Munstead
Lavender, Provence 3 qt - $12.95
Lavender, Provence White
Lavender, Vera
Lemon Verbena
Mexican Mint Marigold, (Tarragon Substitute)
Mint, Peppermint
Mint, Peppermint Chocolate
Mint, Peppermint Variegated
Mint, Spearmint Kentucky Colonel
Oregano, Cuban Variegated
Oregano, Italian
Oregano, Hot’n’Spicy
Parcel (tastes like celery)
Parsley $3.75
Parsley, Curly
Rosemary Arp
Rosemary, Gorizia
Rosemary, Salem
Rosemary, Salem 1 gallon pots
Rosemary, Tuscan Blue
Sage, Berggarten
Sage, Dwarf
Sage, Mexican Bush
Sage, Pineapple
Savory, Winter
Tarragon, French
Thyme, English
Thyme, Lemon

FLOWERS - $4.95

Cuphea Vermillionaire (Hummingbird Nectar Plant)
Cuphea Vermillionaire 12” Pot with 3 plants blooming $28
Gomphrena, Gnome Mix
Purple Hyacinth Bean 
Marine Helitrope
Meteor shower
Milkweed, Tropical
Nasturtium, Alaska
Nasturtium, Empress of India 3.75
Salvia, Hummingbird Red
Salvia, Nymph Coral (salmon colored bloom)
Salvia, Blue Suede Shoes
Salvia, Playin' the Blues
Salvia, Fuchsia
Truffula Pink

Agastache, Kudos Mandarin 1qt pot $8.95
Agastache, Kudos Red 1qt pot $8.95
Butterfly Bush, Sky Blue Improved (Dwarf) 1qt Pot - $12
Butterfly Bush, Hot Raspberry (Dwarf) 1qt Pot - $12
Golden Rod, Little Lemon 1qt pot $8.95
Golden Rod, Little Lemon 3qt pot $12.95
Lobellia, Black Truffle - $5.60
Lobellia, Deep Rose 1qt pot $8.95
Lobellia, Starship scarlet 1qt pot $8.95
Salvia, Blue Hill $12.95
Salvia, East Friesland - $5.60
Salvia, May Night $12.95
Salvia, Rose Rhapsody $12.95
Salvia, Snow Hill $12.95

Meyer Lemon 1qt pot $24, 3qt pot $48, 10” potted $60
Key Lime, Thornless 3qt pot $48, 10” potted $60
Calamondin (Mandarin) 1qt pot $24
Yuzu Lemon 1qt pot $24


Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar - $3.75
Geranium, Citrosa  (Mosquito Repellent)
Patio Savers - Citrosa Geranium pots  8” pot $16, 10” pot $20

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Over 200 varieties of herb & vegetable plants

Lavender Fields Herb Farm is Central Virginia's Premier Herb and vegetable Farm. We sell the largest selection of  Herb and Vegetable plants and all the gardening supplies you need to go with them. We are still open with our normal hours and have also added drive thru pick up orders. Please call the store (804-262-7167) or email us to place an order.