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HERBS - $5.60

Basil, African Blue
Basil, Amethyst (purple)
Basil, Cinnamon
Basil, Greek Columnar
Basil, Greek Columnar Variegated
Basil, Mini Purple
Basil, Thai
Basil, Sweet
Chamomile, German
Coriander, Vietnamese (Cilantro Substitute)
Chives, Onion
Fennel, Sweet
Lavender, Ellegance Pink
Lavender, Ellegance Purple
Lavender, Ellegance Sky
Lavender, Grosso
Lavender, Fern Leaf
Lavender, Provence
Lavender, Vera
Lemon Verbena
Mexican Mint Marigold, (Tarragon Substitute)
Mint, Peppermint
Mint, Chocolate Peppermint
Mint, Spearmint
Mint, Spearmint Julip
Mint, Spearmint Kentucky Colonel
Oregano, Italian
Oregano, Hot’n’Spicy
Parsley, Curly
Peppermint, Chocolate
Rosemary Salem
Rosemary Arp
Rosemary Tuscan Blue
Tarragon, French
Thyme, English
Thyme, Lemon

Plants are sold in 4" pots with exceptions noted.

FRUITS & VEGETABLEs starting at $4

Strawberry, Seascape
Strawberry, All Star
Rhubarb, Victoria (1 gallon pot)
Asparagus, Jersey Giant (1 gallon pot)
Cucumber, Burpless
Eggplant Little Fingers
Eggplant Traviata
Pepper, California Wonder
Pepper, California Wonder Golden
Pepper, Capperino Cherry
Pepper, Corno Ditoro
Pepper, Early Jalapeño
Pepper, Iko Iko Bell
Pepper, Jalapeño
Pepper, Little Bell
Pepper, Olympus Bell
Pepper, Poblano
Pepper, Ring of Fire
Pepper, Shishito
Pepper, Stocky Red Roaster 
Squash, Gold Prize
Tomato, Cherokee Purple
Tomato, Beefsteak
Tomato, Better Boy
Tomato, Big Boy
Tomato, Black Krim
Tomato, Brandywine
Tomato, Lemon Boy
Tomato, Roma
Tomato, San Marzano
Tomato, Sun Gold
Tomato, Sunsugar
Tomato, Sweet 100
Zucchini, Contender
Zucchini, Gold Delight

FLOWERS - $4.95

Calendula, Bon Bon Mix
Nasturtium, Alaska

Next Week!

Butterfly Bush
Citrosa Geranium (Mosquito Repellent)
Cuphea Vermillionaire (Hummingbird Nector Plant)
Lavender, Phenomenal
Pepper, Ghost Pepper
Purple Hyacinth Bean
Sage, Pineapple 
Superbeana, Sparkling Amethyst
Superbeana, Royale Cherryburst 
Truffula Pink

MIsc - $7.50

Geranium – Vancouver Centennial
We are open Monday through Saturday 9 to 5 and also offering drive through pickup.
If you'd like to place an order please call (804-262-7167) or email the store to schedule a pick up time.

Over 200 varieties of herb & vegetable plants

Lavender Fields Herb Farm is Central Virginia's Premier Herb and vegetable Farm. We sell the largest selection of  Herb and Vegetable plants and all the gardening supplies you need to go with them. We are still open with our normal hours and have also added drive thru pick up orders. Please call the store (804-262-7167) or email us to place an order.