Master Plant List


One of our most asked questions is how many varieties of herb and vegetable plants do you carry. Well here's our master list. We carry all of them at different times throughout the season so be sure to call if you have a question about a particular one!


New Arrivals!


Available Late April, May & June until supplies last

Citrus, Berries & Fig

Lime, Persian*

Lime, Mexican*

Lemon, Meyer*

Lemon, Lisbon*

Blood Orange*


Blueberry Assortment*


Fig, Brown Turkey*

Fig, Chicago Hardy*

Flowers for Companion Planting & Pollinators

Nectar plants such as Cuphea, Zinnia, and Salvia and More*

Butterfly Bush Assortment*

Rose, Brindabella*


New Vegetables

French Melon Savor

Watermelon Seedless Sorbet

Chili, Biquino Brazilian Red

Chili, Shishito Japanese

Okra Jambalaya

Tomato, Indigo Cherry Drops

2019 Lavender Fields Herb Farm Organic Plant List


Anise Hyssop

Balm Lemon

Basil, African Blue

Basil, Cinnamon

Basil, Compact Genovese

Basil, Genovese

Basil, Greek Columnar

Basil, Crimson King

Basil, Holy

Basil, Lemon

Basil, Lime

Basil, Mammoth

Basil, Pesto (Greek Columnar varg)

Basil, Purple Ruffles

Basil, Red Rubin

Basil, Spicy Bush (Greek)

Basil, Sweet

Basil, True Thai (Siam Queen)

Bay, Laurel Sweet*

Borage, Blue

Calendula, Costa Mix

Catgrass/Pet Grass

Catmint, Blue Wonder


Chamomile, German

Chamomile, Roman


Chives, Garlic

Chives, Onion



Coriander, Vietnamese


Dill, Bouquet

Dill, Dukat

Dill, Fernleaf

Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar

Fennel, Bronze

Fennel, Sweet (leaf)


Germander, Upright

Globe Amaranth


Hyacinth Bean

Hyssop, Blue

Lavender, Ellagance 'Pink'

Lavender, Ellagance 'Purple'

Lavender, Fern Leaf

Lavender, Goodwin Creek

Lavender, Grosso (Fat Spike)

Lavender, Hidcote

Lavender, Lady

Lavender, Mini Blue

Lavender, Munstead

Lavender, Phenomenal

Lavender, Platinum Blond

Lavender, Provence

Lavender, Provence White

Lavender, Spanish

Lavender, Sweet

Lemon Grass, East Indian*



Marigold, French

Marigold, Mexican Mint

Marjoram, Sweet

Milkweed, Tropical A. Curassivica

Mint, Apple

Mint, Julep Spearmint

Mint, Mojito

Mint, Orange

Mint, Pennyroyal

Mint, Peppermint

Mint, Peppermint Chocolate

Mint, Pineapple

Mint, Spearmint Kentucky Colonel

Nasturtium, Alaska Mix Variegated

Nasturtium, Trailing Mix

Oregano, Cuban variegated

Oregano, Greek

Oregano, Hot & Spicy

Oregano, Italian

Oregano, Mexican

Oregano, Kent Beauty*

Par-cel (Cutting Celery)

Parsley, Curly

Parsley, Plain Italian

Parsley, Italian Giant


Rosemary, Arp

Rosemary, Gorizia

Rosemary, Hill Hardy

Rosemary, Prostrate (Creeping)

Rosemary, Salem

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue


Sage, Berggarten

Sage, Dwarf

Sage, Golden Variegated

Sage, Mexican Bush-Midnight

Sage, Pineapple

Sage, Purple

Sage, Tricolor

Salvia, Coral (Cutting)

Savory, Winter

Sorrel, Bloody



Tarragon, French

Thyme, Creeping

Thyme, Doone Valley

Thyme, Elfin

Thyme, English

Thyme, English Variegated (Wedgewood)

Thyme, French (Narrow Leaf)

Thyme, Golden Variegated Lemon

Thyme, Hi Ho Silver

Thyme, Lavender

Thyme, Lemon

Thyme, Mother of Red

Thyme, Silver Edge Lemon

Verbena, Lemon

Viola Sorbet Mix

Viola Blueberry Sundae Mix

Viola Spring Select


Woodruff, Sweet

Scented Geraniums



Spring Veggies


Beet, Red

Bok Choi


Brussel Sprouts

Cabbage, Green

Cabbage, Red



Kale, Curly

Kale, Toscano


Lettuce, Buttercrunch

Lettuce, Gourmet Mix Salad Blend

Lettuce, Romaine

Onions, Sweet

Pea, Sugar Snap

Power Greens Mix

Swiss Chard, Rainbow Mix

Lettuce Gourmet Mix Bowl

Power Greens Mix Bowl

Summer Vegetables


French Melon Savor NEW

Watermelon Seedless Sorbet NEW

Cucumber, Bush

Cucumber, Slicing

Cucumber, Slender Burpless

Bell Pepper, Chocolate

Bell Pepper, Green to Red

Bell Pepper, Yellow

Chili, Anaheim

Chili, Ancho (poblano)

Chili, Biquino Brazilian Red NEW

Chili, Carolina Reaper

Chili, Cayenne

Chili, Congo Black

Chili, Garden Salsa

Chili, Ghost (Bhut Jolokai)

Chili, Habanero

Chili, Jalapeno

Summer Vegetables Continued

Chili, Jalapeno Tricked You

Chili, Lemon Drop

Chili, Scorpion Trinidad

Chili, Serrano

Chili, Shishito Japanese NEW

Chili, Sweet Banana

Chili, Tabasco

Chili, Thai Hot

Sweet Pepper, Lipstick

Sweet Pepper, Pimento

Sweet Pepper, Redskin (Patio Variety)

Sweet Pepper, Sweet Snacker

Pepper Ornamental, Black Pearl

Pepper Ornamental, Bolivian Rainbow

Pepper Ornamental, Explosive Ember

Pepper Ornamental, Sedona Sun

Summer Vegetables Continued

Eggplant, Classic Black

Eggplant, Japanese Long

Eggplant, Rosa Bianca

Okra Jambalaya NEW

Tomatillo, Toma Verde

Tomato, Aunt Ruby's Green

Tomato, Better Boy

Tomato, Big Beef

Tomato, Big Boy

Tomato, Black Cherry

Tomato, Black from Tula

Tomato, Box Car Willie

Tomato, Brandywine

Tomato, Celebrity

Tomato, Cherokee Purple

Tomato, Cherry Sweet

Tomato, Early Girl

Tomato, Indigo Cherry Drops NEW

Tomato, Lemon Boy (Yellow)

Summer Vegetables Continued

Tomato, Mortgage Lifter

Tomato, Patio

Tomato, Red Grape

Tomato, Roma 'San Marzano'

Summer Vegetables Continued

Tomato, Rutgers

Tomato, Sun Gold

Tomato, Sunkist (Orange)

Tomato, Yellow Pear

Summer Vegetables Continued

Squash, Costata

Squash, Honeynut (Butternut)

Squash, Yellow Crookneck

Squash Zucchini

Summer Vegetables Continued

Strawberry- June Bearer, Chandler*

Strawberry- Ever Bearer, Seascape*

* denotes non-organic