Hours of Operation

We are currently closed and will reopen on March 2nd

July through December
Tuesday through Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

March through June
Monday through Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fall Herb Maintenance

With winter right around the corner, learn how to prepare your herb garden for the coming cold. Pruning, raking, cleaning and more in this informative and hands on class to put into practice what you will learn. This class is designed to prepare your garden against unnecessary plant loss over the winter so you can rest easy and enjoy them again in spring. Registration and payment of $15 per person is required in advance via...

Fun Fall Gardening

As summer gives way to fall, then tomatoes give way to fresh lettuce and a variety of greens. Fall is like a bonus growing season in Virginia, as most of the bugs have died off from the summer heat and cooling temperatures make being out in the garden a delight. Fall growing also requires a lot less upkeep in the garden so plant some fall veggies and get even more from your garden this year before the coming winter break. If...

Farm Tour and Ice Cream

If you have ever wanted to see the rest of the farm and learn about its history, then join our tour. Join us for this walking tour through the production greenhouse area, the bee hives (from a distance) and a century of farm history. Each adult receives a free serving of gourmet ice cream upon completion of the tour. Please remember this is a walking tour so dress accordingly. You may also add lunch to make a special day...

Growing Herbs & Fall Veggies

Learn how to enjoy growing your herbs and vegetables. Fall is the best time to plant your perennial herbs and why not plant some fall veggies while you are gardening. Fall is the best time to plant cool weather veggies as there are minimal pests and it is so pleasant outside. We will discuss planning your gardening area from containers to raised beds to large scale, planting and arranging what goes where and when as well as...

Fall Herb Faire 9/27

  LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU TODAY NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER. Come out to the Fall Herb Faire on Saturday September 27th at the farm and enjoy a great day of classes, demos and a farm tour. You can also reserve a spot for lunch to make it a special day. Come out for the whole day or just a visit but don’t miss out on this great event. Free parking, free admission. Open 9-5   Day at a Glance 10.00am...