New @ The Farm in 2013

• Classes
Now 2 classes available on Saturdays! 10.30am & 1pm. We want to help you get more out of your herbs and vegetables. Additional classes with informative new topics are offered on most Saturdays.
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• Lunch
New tasty lunch entree will be introduced at the end of March. And in April, we will be offering
a fresh new salad. Also, now lunch is just $15 per person with no coupon required. Make reservations today for yourself and your friends.

• Connecting You & LOCAL FRESH FOODS
All natural chicken, pork, beef, yogurt, milk, cheese, and fresh berries.  Be on the watch for more details at the end of next month. We are in the process of finalizing details to make
available local produce to you and your family.

• Tomatoes
Choose from new tomato varieties including heirlooms for 2013. We will also have some tomato varieties in larger pots so you can get a jump on spring.

Plant Q&A & More
We all have questions so come out and get them answered by Ann & Melinda. They have years of experience with plants and would love to help you pick out the ones just right for you. Ann & Melinda will be here on Saturdays to help you with your plant selection. Melinda will also be at the farm most Thursdays from 10am-1:45pm to plant your herb containers. Purchase a container or bring your own, then choose the plants you want to grow, and Melinda will plant it for you.

Whimsical Garden Accents
Come spruce up your garden! We now carry a colorful selection of garden decor. The store is stocked with hummingbirds, butterflies, solar lights and much more.

Growing Well
The Store has plenty of bagged topsoil for top dressing your garden or for a raised bed for improving the growth of your plants.
Worm castings is one of nature’s most abundant and effective fertilizers. A rich, odorless,  all-natural organic product that is extremely cost-effective. We have it in a handy shaker or large bag. Great for indoor/outdoor container plants and the garden.