Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 9 to 5


Construction Directions

We are experiencing heavy delays and construction at the intersection of Woodman and Winfrey Road. You can get to the farm by coming down Greenwood from the Route 1 direction and turning right onto Old Greenwood Road and follow the signs from there. You can still come from 295 also and turn right onto Greenwood and left after the barrels onto Old Greenwood.

Your One Stop Shop to make this Your Best Growing Season Yet.

In Stock Now - Vegetable Plants including Tomato, Peppers, Cucumbers Zucchini & more.

Herb Plants including Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Lavender, Mint. Rosemary, Sage, Thyme & more.

 Fruit Plants including Berries, Elderberries, Figs  & more.

Perennials, Natives, Flowers, Hummingbird Nectar Plants & more.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 9 to 5


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What's Available

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Balm, Lemon

Basil, African Blue

Basil, Amethyst

Basil, Holy (tulsi)

Basil, Greek columnar

Basil, Greek columnar variegated

Basil, Genovese

Basil, Lemon

Basil, Mini Purple

Basil, Sweet



Chamomile, German


Chives, Garlic

Chives, Onion


Coriander, Vietnamese


Fennel, Sweet

Lavender, Fern leaf

Lavender, Grosso

Lavender, Hidcote

Lavender, Munstead 

Lavender, Provence

Lavender, Vera


Marjoram, Sweet

Mexican Mint Marigold

Mint, Chocolate Peppermint

Mint, Peppermint 

Mint, Peppermint Variegated

Mint, Spearmint, Julep

Mint, Spearmint, Kentucky Colonel

Mint, Spearmint, Mojito

Oregano, Greek


Parsley, Curly 

Parsley, Flat Leaf Italian

Rosemary, Hill Hardy

Rosemary, Prostrate

Rosemary, Salem

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue


Sage, Pineapple

Sage, Dwarf 

Sage, Golden Variegated

Sage, Growers Friend (culinary)

Sage, Mexican Bush

Savory, Winter

Sage, Tri Color

Sorrel, French

Sorrel, Red Veined 


 Herbs cont.

Tarragon, French

Thyme, Doone Valley (lemon)

Thyme, English

Thyme, French

Thyme, Lemon 

Thyme, Lime Golden

Thyme, Mother of

Thyme, Mother of, Red Flower

Thyme, Pink Chintz

Thyme, Silver Edge Lemon

Thyme, White Creeping

Thyme, White Flower Creeping

Verbena, Lemon


Cucumber, cool customer

Cucumber, diva

Cucumber, marketmore

Eggplant, little fingers

Eggplant, patio baby

Eggplant, shoya long (Japanese style)

Pepper, Bell

Pepper, better belle

Pepper, big bertha

Pepper, cajun belle

Pepper, california wonder

Pepper, caribbean habanero

Pepper, cayenne large thick

Pepper, cherry hot

Pepper, corni di toro

Pepper, ghost

Pepper, giant marconi

Pepper, golden california wonder

Pepper, gypsy

Pepper, habenero

Pepper, hot banana

Pepper, italian roaster

Pepper, jalapeno

Pepper, jalapeno mucho nacho

Pepper,jamacian scotch bonnet

Pepper, lunchbox

Pepper, pepperoncini

Pepper, salsa garden

Pepper, shishito

Pepper, sweet banana

Pepper, sweet heat

Pepper, thai dragon

Pepper, trinidad scorpian

Squash, multipik

Vegetables cont.

Tomato, beefsteak

Tomato, better boy

Tomato, big boy

Tomato, brandywine

Tomato, celebrity

Tomato, cherokee purple

Tomato, cherry sunsugar

Tomato, cherry sweet 100

Tomato, early girl

Tomato, lemon boy

Tomato, mr stripey

Tomato, roma

Tomato, san Marzano


Zucchini, golden glory

Zucchini, noche

Zucchini, tigress

Other Vegetable Plants


Asparagus, Viking (2nd yr root)

Asparagus – Jersey Giant  (2nd yr root)

Horse radish 

Rhubarb, Victoria - (2nd yr root)




Strawberries, Allstar - (June Bearing) 

Strawberries, Sea Scape - (Ever Bearing)

Gojiberry, Firecracker

Blueberry, Chandler


Fig, Chicago Hardy

Bushel and Berry Series

Blackberry, baby cakes

Raspberry, short cake

Blueberry, pink icing

Blueberry, peach sorbet

Blueberry, silver dollar

Blueberry, buckle

Blueberry, jelly bean

Easy to grow berries in containers


Perennials & Natives


Citrosa Geranium (natural mosquito repellant)


Mountain mint, clustered 

Salvia, blue hill

Salvia, spring king

White wood aster