Growing Herbs & Fall Veggies

plantingherbs-1Learn how to enjoy growing your herbs and vegetables. Fall is the best time to plant your perennial herbs and why not plant some fall veggies while you are gardening. Fall is the best time to plant cool weather veggies as there are minimal pests and it is so pleasant outside. We will discuss planning your gardening area from containers to raised beds to large scale, planting and arranging what goes where and when as well as the best growing conditions and soil mixes. We also cover soil ph, mulching, fertilizing, weed control and lots more. This class focuses on equipping you to garden or hone your skills to get better production from your herbs and veggies.

Registration and payment of $15 per person is required in advance via the website. Class fees are non refundable.

When you arrive at the farm please check-in at the store.

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