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Summer Sales:

25 % or more off all plant material


Annual Flowers in yellow, now 2 dollars

Proven Winner Annuals now 50% off

Select Perennials 50% off

Large Citrus Pots 50% off

Berries and Fruit Trees 25% off

Strawberry plants now 1 dollar each

Pottery, Bird Baths and Empty Containers 20% off

Herb Plants:

Basil, African Blue

Basil, Genovese Compact

Basil, Sweet

Balm, Lemon

Chamomile, German

Chives, Garlic

Chives, Onion

Lavender, Ellagence Purple

Lavender, Fat Spike

Lavender, Hidcote

Lavender, Munstead

Lavender, Phenomenal

Lavender, Provence

Lavender, Provence White

Lavender, Sensational


Lemon Verbena


Mexican Mint Marigold (Tarragon Substitute)

Mint, Julep

Mint, Kentucky Colonel, Spearmint

Mint, Mojito

Mint, Orange

Mint, Peppermint

Mint, Peppermint variegated

Mint, Peppermint Chocolate

Mint, Pineapple

Mint, Spearmint

Oregano Cuban Variegated

Oregano, Greek Mountain

Oregano, Hot & Spicy

Oregano, Italian

Oregano, Kent Beauty


Parsley, Flat

Parsley, Curly


Rosemary, Arp

Rosemary, Gorizia

Rosemary, Hill Hardy

Rosemary, Irene

Rosemary, Mrs. Howard Creeping

Rosemary, Prostrate

Rosemary, Salem

Rosemary, Tuscan Blue


Sage, Berggarten

Sage, Golden Variegated

Sage, Grower's Friend

Sage, Mexican Bush

Sage, Pineapple

Sage, Purple

Sage, Tricolor

Savory dwarf winter

Savory, Winter

Sorel, Red Veined


Tarragon, French

Thyme, Doone Valley

Thyme, English

Thyme, English Wedgewood

Thyme, French

Thyme, Golden Variegated Lemon

Thyme, Hi Ho Silver

Thyme, Lime Green

Thyme, Lemon

Thyme, Silver Edge Lemon

Thyme, Transparent Yellow

Thyme, Wooly



Cucumber, Diva

Squash, Mulitpick

Rhubarb, Victorian

Zucchini, Tigress


Big Beef


Peppers - Sweet

Golden California

Golden California Wonder

Giant Marconi

Big Bertha

Better belle


Sweet banana


Italian Roaster

Peppers - Mild/Medium


Hot Banana

Peppers - Hot

Cherry Hot


Jalapeno mucho nacho

Thai Dragon



Trinidad Scorpion

Carolina Reaper


Bushel and Berry Series (Container Berries):

Blackberry, Baby Cakes

Blueberry, Buckle

Blueberry, Jelly Bean

Blueberry, Peach Sorbet

Blueberry, Pink Icing

Blueberry, Silver Dollar

Raspberry, Shortcake


Blackberry, Freedom

Blackberry, Navaho

Blueberry,  Berkeley

Blueberry,  Top Hat

Blueberry,  Duke

Boysenberry (Rubus)


Goji berry, Firecracker

Kiwi, Hardy Male

Kiwi, Prolific

Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing (Morus Nigra)

Raspberry, Glencoe

Raspberry, Caroline

Raspberry, Fall Gold

Strawberries, Allstar June Bearing

Strawberries, Seascape Everbearing


Fruit Trees

Fig, Chicago Hardy

Fig, Celeste

Fig, Dwarf Miss Figgy

Grape, Flame Red Seedless

Grape. Victoria Red

Peach, Dwarf Reliance

Peach, Dwarf Elberta

4-N-1 Apple Semi Dwarf


Butterfly Bushes

Black Knight

Wisteria Lane

Pugster Blue

Pugster Amethyst

Blue Chip Jr

Miss Molly



Let’s Dance, Rhythmic Blue

Fuchsia Glow 



Cuphea Vermillionaire

Dusty Miller

Gomphrena, Ping Pong Mix

Lantana, Havana Gold

Lantana, Havana Harvest Moon

Lantana, Havana Pink Sky
Lantana, Havana Red Sky
Lantana, Havana Sunshine
Lantana, Havana Sunset

Pentas, Beebright Pink

Pentas, Beebright Red

Pentas, Beebright White

Purple Hyacinth Bean

Marigold, Durango orange

Truffula, pink

Verbena, Lanai Blue

Verbena, Lanai Magenta

Verbena, Lanai Peach

Verbena, Lanai Purple

Verbena, Lanai Red

Verbena, Lanai White Improved

Salvia, Rockin’ Playin’ The Blues
Salvia, Rockin’ Blue Suede Shoes



Geranium, Apricot

Geranium, Citrosa (Mosquito Plant)

Geranium, Ginger

Geranium, Lime 

Geranium, Old Fashioned Rose

Geranium, Old Spice

Geranium, Orange

Geranium, Peacock

Geranium, Red Flowering Rose

Geranium, Snowy Nutmeg

Geranium, Variegated Mint Rose


Shade Perennials

Coralbells, Palace Purple

Foamflower (Tiarella Wherryi)

Jacob's Ladder, Variegated



Agastache, Kudos Mandarin

Agastache, Kudos Red

Agastache, Kudos Ambrosia

Agastache, Poquito Butter Yellow


Anise Hyssop

Beardtongue, Husker Red

Butterfly Milkweed, Asclepiade
Butterfly Weed, Hello Yellow

Candy Tuft

Cardinal Flower, Starship

Catmint, Six Hills Giant
Catmint, Junior Walker

Clustered Mountain Mint
Coreopsis, Uptick Red

Eastern Blue Star

Echinacea, Cheyenne

False Indigo

Golden Rod, Grass-Leaved
Golden Rod, Little Lemon
Golden Rod, Dwarf Little Miss Sunshine

Iris, Versacolor

Jasmine, White Flowering

Mountain Mint

Nepeta Faassenii

Phlox, Pink

Phlox, Light Purple

Phlox, Pink and White Striped

Rudbeckia, American Gold Rush

Salvia, East Friesland

Salvia, May Night

Salvia, Caradonna

Salvia, Blue Bouquetta

Salvia, Rose Marvel

Snowball Viburnum

Star Aster

Swamp Milkweed, Ice Ballet
Swamp Milkweed

Sweet Coneflower,


Uptick Gold and Bronze

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