Hours of Operation

July through December
Tuesday through Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

March through June
Monday through Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Container Gardening Class

Growing herbs and vegetables in containers is easy so you can now enjoy fresh and healthy flavors right from your own patio. Join Melinda Crouch and learn how to choose, plant, care for and harvest from your container which you can bring along or purchase from our store. Class fee includes tuition, potting mix and starter fertilizer. Cost of container, plants and additional extras not included in class...

Caring for Lavender Video

Growing lavender in Virginia is not always an easy task. Watch Shaun Mercer in this video explain the best way to help your lavender grow and stay healthy by pruning it and how to do shape your lavender during the mid summer season. If you have more questions, come out to The Farm and see the lavender and purchase certified USDA organic...

Growing Lavender

Growing lavender in Virginia can be difficult. The class will cover how to pick out & prepare the area you are looking to plant. We also look at planting, maintaining and enjoying your lavender. Enjoy learning the different varieties and which one will work for you. Some bloom purple, some white, some early, some late. Registration and payment of $15 per person is required in advance via the website. Class fees are non...

Fall Herb Maintenance

With winter right around the corner, learn how to prepare your herb garden for the coming cold. Pruning, raking, cleaning and more in this informative and hands on class to put into practice what you will learn. This class is designed to prepare your garden against unnecessary plant loss over the winter so you can rest easy and enjoy them again in spring. Registration and payment of $15 per person is required in advance via...

Fun Fall Gardening

As summer gives way to fall, then tomatoes give way to fresh lettuce and a variety of greens. Fall is like a bonus growing season in Virginia, as most of the bugs have died off from the summer heat and cooling temperatures make being out in the garden a delight. Fall growing also requires a lot less upkeep in the garden so plant some fall veggies and get even more from your garden this year before the coming winter break. If...