Hours of Operation

March through June
Monday through Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

July through December
Tuesday through Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In Their Own Words About The Farm

We have the privilege of meeting so many folks from the area and visitors to Richmond over the last several years. So many are returning customers and we are able to build a mutual relationship and joy to hearing their gardening experiences or know they are out for lunch and shopping. Here are just a few comments of their thoughts of the farm and why they choose to come...

Chef’s Container Garden

Shaun Mercer of Lavender Fields Herb Farm explains the benefits of the Chef’s Container Garden like the strawberry jar concept with a lot of plants growing together yet separately. We can plant a custom container for you if you would like with our USDA certified organic herbs of your choice to go in your...

Raised Beds and Why?

As spring is just around the corner or upon us depending on the day with the current weather, many of us think about all the new and exciting things we will be planting in the garden and then others are reminded of the unsuccessful attempts of gardening past. As gardening returns to homes around the country for many reasons, raised beds are continuing to make a resurgence due to smaller plots and their convenience not to...

The Art of Watering Herbs & Veggies

Herbs and vegetables need watering, but just how much is the million-dollar question, or at least the $5 question. Lets focus more on the herbs plants, as the same watering style will work very nicely for your vegetables as well. Herbs love good drainage and regardless of being in a container or the ground, drainage is all-important to the overall health of the plant Lets switch the watering up; instead of watering being...

Spring Herb Faire 2014 Saturday, May 10th Schedule

FREE PARKING • FREE ADMISSION • FREE EVENTS Our biggest event of the season is now over two weekends to make it more convenient for you to come out. Take a few free classes from the list below or join a free farm tour and see how all the operation comes together. Shop over 200 varieties of herbs and vegetable plants along with everything you need to make this the best season yet. Kids can enjoy free face painting,...